Megan E.

I was so happy with the products and services offered by Midwest Sales, Inc. Their insulation products are really good. But what I admire most is the fact that they offer products that are good for the environment. They are really very careful in ensuring that their fiberglass solutions are sustainable, renewable and recyclable. Truly a feat in itself. I will always go back to them for insulation solutions for my home.

Arnold S.

I never thought that time will come when I will really be gushing about a company’s work ethic. You see, Midwest Sales, Inc. really looks after their customers. I ordered some insulation materials for the office building that we are remodeling in Texas. They came to us, looked at our building, gave their suggestions and delivered their products on time. They are really very professional. What’s important for us is the fact that their prices are almost half of the nearest competition. Really amazing!

Stephen J.

I had to remodel my parents’ old home. I called up Midwest Sales, Inc., they sent their people, they gave a lot of suggestions and choices. I am so happy with their service. Imagine, they gave me very cost-effective choices that I never got from my previous contractor. They are really good in what they are doing.

Lila F.

I just can’t help but rave about their Optima insulation. I am a songwriter and I had my studio lined with Optima. Ever since I did that, my acoustics became really good. I am so happy that I am always inspired to write and create new songs. They have done a really good job with their acoustics technology.

John H.

Three years ago, I got the Membrain brand of insulation from Midwest Sales, Inc. All I can say is that their technology is really good. It totally keeps out moisture and am sure, it will not rot for a long time unlike other brands.