About Us

In 2007, Steve and Johanna Fitzpatrick were looking for the best insulation products for their home that was within their budget. Unfortunately, the products that they found were either too expensive or the quality was not so great. At the same time, Johanna realized that a lot of the insulation products in the market were not sustainable and had negative impacts on the environment.

About Us

The couple also realized that they were not alone in running into these problems. Friends complained about finding the right insulation products. They met other people who were also ranting about the same thing. This led them to researching for solutions to their insulation issues and further led them to meeting people who could help manufacture what they needed.

Then the rest was history. In mid-2008, the couple started Midwest Sales, Inc. and started manufacturing and distributing installation materials that could be used in homes, schools, buildings, offices and commercial areas. The people were so happy with the results that they got a lot of orders for the insulation materials that they were offering. This led them to build a team that will continuously develop insulation materials technology. They also expanded their distribution areas to be able to cater to more Americans.

Fast forward to the present time, Midwest Sales, Inc. is enjoying the loyalty of thousands of Americans who are looking for high quality and cost-efficient insulation solutions. Midwest Sales, Inc. is grateful for the continued patronage of individuals, families, CEOs and businesses. This is why we promise to continue offering the same high quality products through the years.

If you require fast and quick consultation for your insulation needs, do not hesitate to contact us. Just check our contact page for our emails and other information. We are always happy to serve you.